“The jewellery we wear reflects an important part of our personality and our identity…”

Founder & Head of Design


MOOGU® is a contemporary jewellery brand created by Andreea Mogoșanu. Through a process of exploring and interpretation of reality, it aims to develop an expression of the human heart and unique emotions.

The journey began with Andreea’s passion for jewellery and the pursuit of meaningful ways to express unique visual experiences. Nature, geometry, expressionism of the form, of the surface, contribute to the creation of new visual expressions.

Designer Andreea Mogoșanu launched her brand in 2013 built on a passion for precious metals and contemporary unique and timeless jewellery design. Before launching the brand she studied contemporary jewellery at Alchimia School, Firenze and Assamblage Contemporary Jewellery School, Bucharest and gained work experience in Adverting as an Art Director.

Our high quality pieces are designed in Romania and handcrafted with love and precision, in our own studio. Soon after we launched, the brand began featuring in editorials for some of the most known international magazines like: Elle, Devour Magazine (USA), Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan. We are also exhibiting in many countries such as Japan, China, UK, Germany, Austria, Holland or the United Arab Emirates.

MOOGU® has grown fast into an entire team and we’re constantly striving to handcraft the highest quality pieces and deliver them fast worldwide.


“The jewellery we wear reflects an important part of our personality and our identity…”  



Jewelry with a fingerprint, an unique concept in Europe, registered - OSIM. 

In our workshop we create with love and care unique jewels with crafted finger prints. Because nothing in this world can equal the uniqueness of our own prints, we decided to transform them into precious metal such as gold or silver. Strong symbolism and product aesthetics have made this products our trademark (registered OSIM).

The fingerprint is taken in wax support. Every detail will be retained in the final texture of the jewels, these being entirely handmade, made of gold or silver.