I Am Happiness Silver Necklace

480,00 LEI

The I am happiness amulet speaks of the truths and values within each of us. It is an extremely powerful mantra that strengthens self-love, brings courage, trust, understanding, acceptance, wisdom, blessings, releases happiness, meekness, increases harmony and connection with the divine within us. I am all that I am!

Use this amulet to remind you of your inner strength, love it, always carry it with you. It will do you a lot of good!

Each piece is made by hand, the processing process not being possible for mass production, in a specialized factory. Thus, we can guarantee the authenticity and unique energy parameters that the items in the Alchemy Mystical Mantras collection have, as extremely powerful amulets and extremely beneficial for each of us.

The jewelry is made in Romania and is handmade with love and attention, in the MOOGU® studio. Because they are handmade, there may be differences in shape, size or color between the product presented and the finished product ordered.

925 silver | Diameter Approx .: 1.5 cm I Approximate Weight: 1.8 gr | Processed Manual I Chain Length Approx. 40-45 cm